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Be Yourself : Everyone Else is Taken.”

JAMB Productions is presenting William Nathan & The ELEMENTS to LA and want you to get ready for the explosion. We are coming directly to you with this website, and we know that you are going to be the first client to click and demand our band at your next big blast-off. LA is a wild music scene, and there is so much variety that is easy for clients to get lost. This site is designed to assist you when making those important decisions: who will make your Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary memorable? who will wow the audience when the bride and groom step out to dance? or who will push the fundraiser over the top for your corporation?

The answer is William Nathan and The ELEMENTS!  Ordinary bands and their company do not specialize in customer satisfaction, personal song requests, or attention to details. William Nathan has all of these issues wrapped up in his company: JAMB Productions; and you will receive all of these bonuses, before they even arrive at your venue. We continue with our intention: 




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Welcome to BANDZOOGLE featuriing: William Nathan & The ELEMENTS. We are truly honored to be able to present our wonderful musicians and the entertainment that you will want to book. We have a variety of choices, and we hope you will continue to explore this site. JAMB Productions, INC is proud to present William Nathan & The ELEMENTS

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